Dear Zippy,


We can't believe, it has already passed a week since we left Kenia. 

We will never forget such lifetime trip!


We want to thank you specially for organizing our dream safary trip, making it affordable for our family.


Thank you Nelson, for being such a well experience guide, spotting first and keeping the track on all animal species. 

Also for being such a confident driver keeping the schedules.


Many thanks to Daniel our cook for spoiling us with local dishes and for introducing us to the culinary local food of Kenia.


We definitely think the trip adjust perfectly to our needs and we have had the opportunity to experience the country from the inside avoiding the crows.


We are happy to recommend Australken Tours & Travel Ltd. to friends and future visitors!


Kind regards,


Ulla, Andrej, Anastasia & Alexej 

Email: <ulla@razumovsky.com> on 12 January, 2019



Dear Zippy,

We’ve already arrived at home today.

Thank you for all and may be see you next time.

I will recommend your company to my friends from among those who want to go to Kenya. And I will also recommend Kenya itself with positive vibration.

Klavdiia and Anna asked me to convey to you additional thanks words on their own behalf.

Also, please convey our greetings to Elijah. We liked him very much. If we come next time, we would like to go with him again.

Holidays in Kenya will be remembered.


Mikhail Email: vmv1974@mail.ru on 11 January, 2019



Dear Zippy!


Safari from 23.02.2017 to 03.03.2017


I am so happy, because your company help me my dream to fulfilled. I stopped anything to worry about as soon, when I met Zippy in Nairobi. People like your company is rarely seen in travel. Jakob cooked perfectly, always been

attentive to requests and helped with any needed things, and since I was traveling alone, his help was invaluable. His sports training can be jealous tried to keep up with him on the bike on Hell's Gate. Evans could see in the

reserve any animal and helped us to make good shots, he told us a lot interesting facts. Zippy is the best travel coordinator.


I want to say "Thank you" to people, who assisted me in my trip. I will definitely come back to Mombasa and visit the reserve, maybe not alone.


Best regards

Katya Zholobova Email: Nikiforova_eka@mail.ru on 20 March, 2017       


Hi Zippy,


I am writing to tell you how happy we are that we chose Australken among many other agencies.


We liked everything - the way you care about your customers, how professional Peter, John and you.

The level of service you provide is something what many European companies should strive for.

We will definitely recommend Australken to anybody whenever we have such an opportunity. 


Thank you again for the lifetime experience and we wish you all the luck in what you are doing!


Kind regards,


Nikolay and Svetlana Email:- Nikolay Kovalenko <nikolay.kovalenko@hotmail.com>  on 13 March, 2017  

Zippy Hello.


I want to thank you for organizing our safari, everything was great!!!


Thank you Joseph. He is the best of the best)) always was the first driver in the Masai Mara.

Thanks to the chef. Very tasty cooked and always listened to our wishes.


Thank you for the gifts, they are super!)))

It was amazing.


Great organization.

You are the best, thank you!!!


I hope we will come back to Kenya)


Artem Bagaev Email [mailto:artembagaev@gmail.com] on 07 March, 2017

Hi Zippy & Team

We enjoyed every minute of a truly memorable experience and as always, Symon was the perfect host and guide.  We worked him especially hard on this trip and we do feel rather guilty about the very long hours he had to work and the hundreds of miles he drove.


It would be really difficult to pick out our favourite experience as we loved all of the parks. lodges & camps for different reasons.  They all have their own charm and character (and in the case of Lake Elementeita, a very welcome touch of luxury).  All in all, it will be even harder to choose an itinerary for our next trip (yes, we are already talking about when it will be and where to go!). 


Rather belatedly then, thank you so much for another fabulous trip.  We really do appreciate all of the time and effort that you put in to make sure that we have a wonderful time and that’s why we will keep coming back to you.  Thank you too for the kind and generous gifts.


Please pass on our gratitude to Symon and tell him we will try not to be so tough on him next time.


We will post a review on Facebook in the next few weeks (when we have sorted through the hundreds of photographs).

We hope you are all keeping well.


Best wishes.


Chris & Jan. Email: [mailto:wujiw@btinternet.com] on 06 March, 2017   

Hello, Zippi,


We would like to thank you again for the fantastic safari adventure, which we could experience thanks to your great professionalism, involvement and passion. We appreciate your positive attitude and being such a nice person. Everything was perfectly organized and we are fully satisfied with the service, the people (cooks, drivers, highly professional Symon!), meals and many more.


Thanks again and all the best!


Kind regards, Jarek, Kasia, Magda Bigaj Email: Jarosław Bigaj <jarbig@wp.pl> on 13 February, 2017


http://australken.com/customer/haag_sm.jpgDear Zippy,

We arrived safely at home, looked at the photos and have sorted our impressions.

We will say again THANK YOU, for the unforgettable trip. We are very happy. We will share our impressions with another and will be glad to recommend you. Send our greetings to Symon and John!

See you again in Kenya!

Best regards
Anna & Eugen Haag
Email: haagae@t-online.de on 17 November, 2016

http://australken.com/customer/IMG_5117_SM.JPGSubject: Thank You Again

Hi Zippy,

My husband and I were back home safe and just want to say thank you to you, Simon and Daniel once again. Simon and Daniel were both very professional. With Simons super good eyesight, we were able to see everything in the national parks and lakes. Besides, he was very knowledge and a good and patient guide. Daniel prepared so much tasty food for us everyday and we could not finish every time.

All the guesthouse and budget camps we stayed were neat and clean and that was all beyond my expectation I would say!

It was a really good memory for both of me and my husband and I will definitely look for you again next time we come over to Kenya or Tanzania!!

Have a good day!!

Best Wishes, Amy
Email: [amisb_b@yahoo.com] on October 26, 2016

Jambo Zippy

Thank you for the follow-up and a warm greeting to you, Symon, David and your team from already cold Europe. We have all arrived our respective home safely and would like to thank you and your team again to create our Kenyan experience amazing and unforgettable. We were not expecting the gift and must say we appreciate them! We will surely recommend your service to our friends and family and will take some time to publish a fantastic review online as you rightly deserve.

Hope to see you soon again in the future. Until then, we will surely be missing you every time we check the photos and videos full of memories!


Angeline & David Group X 4.
Email [mailto:angeline994@gmail.com] on 21 October, 2016


Dear Zippy,

I'm back in Europe, after a fabulous stay in Kenya.

I'd like to thank you very much for an amazing safari experience. You and your great team – Evans (a brilliant guide) and John (the best cook ever) made my 6-day trip (27 July-1st August) to Maasai Mara, Nakuru, Naivasha and Amboseli unforgettable. Even the last three days, when I was alone, were great!

I felt privileged to travel with Australken – it was simply enjoyable, since the beginning till the end. Already from our first email exchanges, I had a good feeling about your company – your answers were always coming rapidly, always clear, helpful and to the point. Thank you for your very professional approach and your friendly attitude!

The travel only confirmed the initial feeling. I saw a lot, I learnt a lot and I enjoyed very much Kenyan wildlife, nature, people, the discussions and the food. Sometimes I couldn't spot the animals Evans was showing (he can see them from really far!), definitely I wasn't able to eat as much as I wished (meals were delicious and copious), I took probably too many pictures (hard to select them now - is this lion fierce enough? which of the zebras look better? is that baby elephant playing or annoying its brothers and sisters? J) but I enjoyed each and every moment of this trip. I can't but recommend your outstanding service to any future traveller.


Kamila (Poland/Belgium)
Email: [kamparty@wp.pl] on September 03, 2015

Dear Zippy,

We would just like to thank you so much for a fantastic experience! We are sorry that we were not there to thank you in person. Traveling with Australken was an excellent choice!

Best regards,

the Karen group X 6
Email; [karen.lerdal@gmail.com] on August 21, 2015

Hi Zippy,

we made it safe home. We flew back via London not Amsterdam as I thought and had the chance of trying Kenya Airways - yet another Kenyan great experience.

Both George and I would like to extend our many thanks for the exemplary professional service. We simply cannot say enough good words and thanks for our experience. It was a real pleasure to work with you and to travel with our team- Symon (guide), Daniel (cook), and Kata (assistant). (We asked for Symon and Daniel in advance and were so happy to find we were to travel with them). We enjoyed tremendously our 14 day trip including the northern Kenya circuit up to lake Turkana, and then lake Baringo, lake Nakuru, and Maasai Mara. From the time of the booking to the very end we had nothing but wonderful experience. Every detail was well thought of and arranged perfectly. We had a Land Rover for the whole trip and unforgettable off-road experience.

We are very well traveled however were very anxious about our trip to Kenya having had already a very bad experience earlier in the year in Tanzania. What a nice surprise - we were not only given all requested as part of our trip but even had things we did not expect- instead of sleeping in a tent in the 1st 10 days of our safary we were taken to great camps every night, had a room and a hot shower. Every one was so friendly and hospitable.

Symon, our guide and driver, was amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, attentive, entertaining, friendly, level-headed, and very dependable. We loved any single moment spent with him. He is an awesome guide who simply loves his job, and gives everything from himself to assure best clients' experience. There wouldn't be a signle question unanswered. He has a great sense of humor and unbeatable way of telling stories (many stories and all inetersting). What amazing time at the dinner table every night. He was also quite patient (especially with the many pictures George was taking) and would always go an extra mile for client's satisfaction. Thank you, Symon, we were lucky to have you as a guide and we liked you so much.

Daniel was a great cook, preparing always tasty and diverse food. Every time I would say that was too much food he would answer "no, no, just a little bit. Hakuna Matata". And his pancakes...they were to die for. Soup, salads, potatoes - all so much delicious, and always presented in a great way.

All in all - we had one in a lifetime experience and loved it all. We would highly recommend Australken and our team to other customers. We would go back to Kenya in a heartbeat.

Polina & George
Our very best

Polina Inkoulova Email: [mailto:inkoulova@hotmail.com] on August 8, 2015

http://australken.com/customer/julik.jpgHello Zippy

Thanks again, is was a pleasure to do it with your team.

We had safari with Australken in June 2015 and it was like getting inside Discovery channel :) Kenya’s nature and wildlife is amazing and with the help of professional Australken team we’ve got a great chance to see it really close and to know more about it.

E-mail contacts with Zippy for planning our vacation were always clear and effective. Every question (including a stupid ones :)) was answered in details, quickly and with patience. Zippy is very helpful and hospitable, it was a pleasure to meet her in person. Upgrading mini-bus to Land Rover was a good idea, it was unforgettable off-road experience for us.

Symon, our guide and driver, is a real treasure :) He is friendly, calm and reliable, we always felt safe and comfortable with him. Symon is a great guide loving his job, with ability to notice animals on any distance, knowing their habits and telling a lot of interesting facts about them. He is experienced and intelligent, knowing a lot about Kenya and Africa and with a good sense of humor. He is also a skillful driver, sometimes it was like Camel Trophy :) Thank you, Symon, we were lucky to have you as a guide and driver. Hope to do it again.

Thanks to Daniel, the food was simple but always tasty. We’re already missing morning pancakes and safari soup with ginger :) Special thanks from me for fruits with every meal.

We’ll be back :)

Nick, Iryna, Victor and Julia from Ukraine. Email: julik_s@mail.ru on 01 July 2015

Hello Zippy

http://australken.com/customer/alena-alex.jpgWe are now back to Belarus. And we wanted to write you a letter to say thank you for our exciting trip. While planning the trip to Kenya we felt a bit worried because it was our first experience of such kind of vacation.

But the first day of our trip we realized that there is nothing to worry about. During all the trip we felt friendly and warm atmosphere in our small team. Thank you for taking care of us.

Thanks a lot to Simon - he is a brilliant guide and a great guy! He showed us a lot of animals, we made thousands photos. It was always interesting to talk to him. Not only about National Parks and animals there but also about Kenyan people, Kenya in general. Daniel was cooking great meals, thanks a lot to him for this. We missed Daniel’s meal during our “beach” part of vacation. And we wanted to thank you and Australken company for organizing this great trip .

Alena & Alex, Minsk Email: lesinka101@tut.by [mailto:lesinka101@tut.by] on February 22, 2015

Hello Zippy

what a miraculousness time in Kenya.
We loved the way how we been spoiled. It was a 100% perfect and unforgettable experience. Maasai Mara was like diving into a different world. We could not have asked for more to celebarte our 25 wedding anniversaries. A dinner in the wild, candles and Champagne with the sound of the nature in the background!
Thanks to all!

All the best and we hope to see you soon again!

Peter and Emmi : [mailto:pmueller@just-virtual.com]
on January 15, 2015

Dear Zippy

First of all from the bottom of my heart Happy new year to you and your family!!!! Thank you very much for the bottle of champagne:) we brought also one and we celebrated really great with Evans and John. I wish you all the best, fantastic 2015 and let's all your dreams come truth!!! Re our journey: all is wonderful!!!!! We are so happy to see all amazing views and animals, to spend time together and for sure I will come back to Kenia to repeat this journey in several years with my son... In my principals most of the time I prefer to travel to new places, and only really a few where I would like to come back! And since now Kenia is one such place where I do want to come back again and I will do it no doubts...!!!:) Happy new year and warm wishes from me and Boris! Thank you very much for your professional support and the most important kind and warm attitude to us. The same is from us!!!

Keep in touch,
Natalia Email: [mailto:NNKDRO@LIVE.RU]
on January 5, 2015


Dear Mrs. Zippy J. Mugweru,

thank you very much for the interesting Safari in Masai Mara in November 2014. We really enjoyed the nature in the park and have seen many wild animals.

Kind regards, Alexander Karev Email: [mailto:ros_70@mail.ru]
on November 17, 2014

Hello Zippy

We just returned home. Safari was wonderful and the beach holiday was good too. Thank you very much it was grate to travel with Australken Tours. We enjoyed everything camps food and program. Symon and Daniel are very good they became friends for us Daniel was cooking very well Symon is very good guide he told us many new interesting things about Kenya and wild nature also answered all our questions and was very kind and polite. We made thousands of foto and now are telling all our friends about safari

Thanks personally for you for perfect organisation we liked everything so much and we will recommend you and your company.

With very kind regards Olga GROUP X 4 Email: [mailto:wen9era@mail.ru]
on November 17, 2014

Hi Zippy, as well as Jean-Paul!

Greetings from St. Petersburg Alla and Arcadia Chaikin. Thank you very much for the wonderful safari! All five days felt care of us throughout your team. Big hello as well and thanks to Daniel and Evans. Now everyone will be recommending your company at every opportunity.

Thank you again !!!

Alla and Arkady Chaykin email: Alla Chaikin alla-chaikina@mail.ru
Ella and Iurii Saint-Petersburg Email: ellamarsheva@yandex.ru
on November 12, 2014

Dear Zippy!

Thank you for our wonderful vacation in August! We are happy, that we were in Kenya on Safari with Your company. The trip was organized very good! We saw a lot of animals and all big five). The accommodation was good and the food is just wonderful. Thank you very much and warm greetings to our guide Evans and cook Daniel! Wonderful guys! We wish You good luck and all the best!!!

Ella and Iurii Saint-Petersburg Email: ellamarsheva@yandex.ru
on September 29, 2014

Dear Zippy,

Very happy to know that you are back, hope you had a nice and relaxing vacation.

The trip was one of our best safari in Kenya. The hotel was very good and the service was good though being full. Food was nice and the tents were very clean. For the game drives, Moses was a great guide. Very helpful and cooperative. He was very active in searching for animals with other guides and very quick in moving and great in finding the right position to view and film the animals. We have seen all animals in this area, he even insisted to make a last game drive en route, just to show the ostrich to our youngest boy!

Once again, thanks to all the Australken team, to make our trips such wonderful. Hope to travel with you again soon.
All the best. Nassima Email: [mailto: nsenoussi81@gmail.com]
on June 15, 2014

Dear Zippy,

On behalf of our couple I want to thank you for your kind assistance in creating our holidays. Everything was done perfectly. Thank you for your passion and ability to help. Special thanks for driver Syimon - he is really professional, intelligent and extremely friendly. He made our Safari unforgetable.

Thank you very much!

Best regards, Avdeykina Yulia Email: YAVDEYKINA@raiffeisen.ru
on May 14, 2014

Dear Zippy!
I want to thank You for Safari! It was great! Moses excellent guide, we saw all the animals. John Smith is a very good cook! This was our best holiday!

We wish You all the best, Marina and Eugene. ?????? ?????????? [mailto:mensheninamp@mail.ru]
on May 07, 2014

Dear Zippy,

After five months which have just passed from our trip, we keep on remembering how wonderful it was.
Unforgettable impressions, wonderful landscapes of Amboseli, Samburu – Nakuru – and Masai Mara parks will stay in our memories for ever.

We would like to once again thank all the team for your exceptional warmth and hospitality and excellent organisation of our safari (and what is more important trouble-free re-organisation due to our delayed flight). Special thanks from Kate for giving us the possibility to see Amboseli Park with Kilimanjaro which was her dream. We appreciate perfect and professional program execution by Symon and Daniel.
Traveling with Australken is safe and easy even for not experienced independent travellers willing to follow a flexible route and to have good value for money.

Many of the references on Australken website confirmed also our experiences, but we would like to particularly emphasize:
• the Australken team guaranteed us the highest level of safety - service door to door (Airport- 7 days Safari- Airport) – what is very important independently traveling women ;-)
• access to wide range of accommodation places from budget camping and hotels to luxury lodge. Budget standard positively surprised us- specially that this standard is not well enough described in the Polish travel guide, and honestly speaking we expected much more difficult conditions.
• very professional and efficient team and good condition of the Jeep

Additionally, thanks to Symon’s passion and knowledge, it was the best and unforgettable lesson about Kenya and its culture and nature. He also has created for us unique possibilities for observation of courses and was incredibly patient during our photo sessions. Thanks also to Daniel, who prepared every day simple but tasty meals for us.
Already all our friends have been informed that Australken was the best choice. In my plans there is another trip to Africa and of course it will be with Australken ;-).

With best regards Katarzyna (Kaśka); Małgorzata (Gosia) gorczynska.malgorzata@gazeta.pl; Iwona i.janeczek@interia.pl
on May 06, 2014

Dear, Zippy
We would like to thank you for giving us warm welcome, hospitality and fascinating program provided during our the visit.
We appreciated your professionalism, commutability and ability to solve all problems, requests and wishes.
Thank you for a responsibility to your work and pleasure from our trip.
We wish you good luck in business, as well as a pleasant tourist Best regards,

Kirill and Marina Belinskiy
Email: Marina B [mailto:piter.boxik@gmail.com] on 13 January, 2014

http://australken.com/customer/rene-chanella-2014.jpgHello Zippy,

First of all, a happy 2014! It's been a while since we're back in Holland, but we are looking back on a fantastic trip and week safari with you. We (finally) wrote a review on Tripadvisor.
All the best to you, Symon and Daniel.

Rene and Chanella Email: René Zandvliet
[mailto:renezandvliet@hotmail.com] on 10 January, 2014

From 2013

http://australken.com/customer/2013-12-10.jpgDear Zippy,

We are writing you to tell one more time thank you, thank you a lot for our best life experience.
Everything was amazing, marvelous, stunning, amazing...We'll never forget this trip! And we must confess that a great part of those sincere emotions we experienced were due to our great driver Joseph and best cook John.
They became our family members for those 6 days we spent together. Guys can make you feel home away from home!! Even when we were eating at restaurants of Zanzibar we often admitted that John cooked better!!!

With our best wishes from Lena, Sasha, Tatiana, Aleksandr
Email: [mailto:a.sobolevskiy@bk.ru] on 10 December, 2013

Hi Zippy,

Once again we would like to thank You for very nice and amazing time during our stay in Kenya.
It was fantastic experience to discover new places. Special greetings for Joseph - he is the best guider in Africa :-)
Thank You for fantastic organization our trip.

Barbara & Sebastian Email: Sebastian Tomica [mailto:s.tomica@wp.pl] on 22 November 2013

Dear Zippy J. Mugweru

http://australken.com/customer/2013-11-02.jpghttp://australken.com/customer/2013-11-01.jpgNow we are at home, photos, remember our wonderful Safari. Thank You, Evans, John cook for our wonderful stay. Thank you, that took into account all our wishes, that always responded quickly by email. Thanks Evans - he's a very good driver and the guide, and simply a great person. Thanks to John for delicious food. Everything was wonderful. We already you recommend to our friends and acquaintances. Thanks again and best regards from Russia.

Moscow, Vladimir, Nadia, Irina. Email: [mailto:k4910@mail.ru] on 30 October 2013

Dear Zippy!

Our childhood dream come true. Thank you very much for our unforgettable safari tour. Special thanks for our driver-guide Evans and cook John. Your team has done everything to make our tour exciting, comfortable and safe! And we want to particularly thank you for the delivery of our forgotten valuables in Masai mara camp . We will recommend Australken Tours and Travel for other tourists.
Best regards!

Alexey and Tatiana, Moscow, Russia Email:- Alex Belozertsev
belozertsev@rambler.ru on 07 October 2013

Dear Zippy,

Yesterday we successfully arrived home. Thank you very much for our great safari. Everything were absolutely amazing and Simon is really a perfect guide and driver.
Sincerely you,

Nina & Ilnur Email: ninelj@mail.ru on 22 September 2013

Dear Zippy,

Once again we would like to thank you very much for the great trip you arranged. It was a lifetime experience that we will never forget. Please send our thanks and greetings to Evans, Daniel and Simon. You have a great team of valuable and dedicated professionals.

We will contact you to agree on the next trip to Kenia. Next time we would like to explore northern part (Samburu, Sweetwaters, Mt. Kenia), than stay for 4 days in Maasai Mara for game drives.

Thanks again and best regards from Poland :-)

Ewelina & Marcin Email: gedeon gedeon@poczta.onet.eu on June 10, 2013

Hi Zippy,

I'd like to thank you and your colleagues for organization of our safari tour. We've got really an astonishing adventure and saw a lot of interesting things. I've never thought Africa is so amazing! Here is a link to by blog with the travel report: http://pabloescobar.cc/?p=397. The text is in Russian, but you at least can look at the pictures and I've added the last sentence in English for you.
Send greetings to Simon and Daniel from me! I'm looking forward to meet them again!

Pavel Email: nokiaman@inbox.ru on May 29, 2013

Hi Zippy,

Just wanted to contact you and let you know that we had a wonderful and unforgettable experience in the Masai Mara this weekend. Thank you so much for all your help and planning for this amazing experience. It is one we won't ever forget. Also, our driver Symon and our cook John were terrific. We thoroughly enjoyed spending the weekend with them, and as two young female students, we felt very comfortable and safe in their presence. We passed our money along to Symon as we weren't able to pay in Nairobi.
Thank you again for this wonderful experience and I'll be in touch with Australken Tours in the future.

Grace Email: x2008lxd@stfx.ca on May 26, 2013

Hello, Zippy!

Thanks for the great safari! here http://forum.awd.ru/viewtopic.php?f=657&t=188206 on the Russian site, I wrote a report and review of the trip with Australken Tours! If you are interested, then John can you translate? There's 145 photos.
My question is: Are you able to organize our next trip to Tanzania? Only on your car from Nairobi. Necessarily translator John! And preferably a driver and cook Joseph and John!
Best regards!

Andrei. Email: andrei.zhizhko@yandex.ru on April 13, 2013

Hi Zippy,

First of all, I want to let you know what an incredible time Sydney and I had during our Kilimanjaro trek and safari last month. Our guides were excellent and our adventure was spectacular. Since our safari ended I have been staying a Arusha, working at the hospital. I have made several friends here who are interested in different combinations of safari, Kilimanjaro treks, and Zanzibar. I am hoping to refer them to Australken since I had such a wonderful experience for an excellent price. Would it be best just to give them your email address and have them contact you that way? We also all have Tanzanian mobile phones, so we could also be in contact that way. Please let me know what would be easiest! Unfortunately my last day in Africa is this Saturday, so I am hoping to get them in contact with you before I leave. I look forward to hearing from you!
Asante sana,

Emily Tibbits Email: emily.tibbits@gmail.com on March 6, 2013

Dear Zippy,

hope you're very well!
It's a pity, we had less of time and were very tired to say you really many thanks for the tour. This safari exceeded all our expectations. Peter did his best for us to see the outstanding beauty of Kenya nature. This trip was really something special for both of us...
All the accommodation were very comfortable and service was up to the mark. Food and beverages satisfied us much.
So,after we finished our vacation and come home, I'll advise your company to my friends and family with pleasure!
Thanks again for the gifts and thank you and Peter for high professionalism!!
Hope,see you again. We promised Peter to come back after 5-7 years with children that time :-)))))

Best regards,

Irina Email: flyout@mail.ru on March 3, 2013

7-day Private safari to Aberdares, Nakuru, Naivasha and Masai Mara

Once again I want to thank you for the amazing experience you provided us. It was better than expected, and yet our expectations were high… Daniel was always full of joy and energy, always serviceable and his talents as a cook also helped us go through the safari without a single stomach problem. Symon was outstanding in all departments, endurant, focused, knowledgeable, understanding of our needs, and with so much to talk about when challenged on any subject. And we were also delighted at your promptitude to answer our smallest requests and your really careful attention to our needs and feedback. You certainly know more than most what customer service and satisfaction means!
I hope the coming months will leave you out of trouble and that you can develop nicely as of the general elections have passed.
We would definitely recommend Australken to everybody including our relatives and friends (which we have already started to do since we came back), and wish we can return in the future.
All the best to the team,

Emmanuel Dion and Isabelle Dubois, French
E-mail: edion@audencia.com on 30 January 2013

Hello, Zippy, Joseph and Diniel. http://australken.com/customer/2013-001.jpg

Thanks for this amazing adventure that you we have organized. Passed more than a month of our return from Kenya, and we miss you very much.
We congratulate you a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas, we wish you a lot of good customers and prosperity in the new year.

Regards, Oksana and Michael. Email vorobeo@gmail.com on 20 January 2013

From 2012

Hello Zippy,

We enjoyed our travel with Australken very much and recommend your company to our friends interested in Kenya safari. It's great that you have some example itineraries on your website, but also enthusiastic to tailor them to client requests, like including a trip to Mfangano island, in our case.
Organization was good. All people were very nice to us. Our guide and cook (Evans and Mwema) were qualified and sociable, they helped us with money exchange and some pharmacy stuff. Food was tasty, including meat, fruits, vegetables and soups. Places for night were better than we expected. There were no water problems.
Places that we visited were interesting. Next time we'd probably choose 2-3 big parks and stay for several days in each, to spend less time in driving. Most of all we liked Nakuru, Masai Mara and Bogoria for animal observation, and Hell's Gate for possibility of hiking and for pictorial views.
Thanks again for organizing our trip!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you, your family and colleagues. Heri ya Mwaka Mpya!

Best wishes,
Elena and Dmitry Email: dmitry.batrak@gmail.com on 28 December 2012

Welcome Zippy,

We would like to thank you for a very nice and excellent service during our stay in Kenya and the safari to your office we organized in October 2012. That's what we did, it was very enjoyable and we are very impressed with the professionalism of your tourist office "Australken".
Will remain in our memory care, especially during the birth of Eve, which is the safari celebrated her 50th birthday. It was a lovely surprise and very grateful for it.
Recommended for all your office "Australken" because it is worth it. You are cordially greet Polish, from Czestochowa,

Eve and Janusz Jadczyk Email: dyrektor@muzeumczestochowa.pl on 30 October 2012

Jambo, Zippy!

Many thanks to you and your team for our holiday!!!
We had so much fun, and from visiting parks and on the organization of the tour. Warm greetings to Simon and Daniel!
I make many good fotos. I like AFRIKA!!!
I will be recommend to all my friends and acquaintances only Australken Tours & Travels LTD!!!
Best wishes and regards,

Yura and Larisa Email: graba@rambler.ru on 30 October 2012

Hello to all at Australken

We are back home after our eighth wonderful holiday in Kenya. As with our previous trip with you in 2010, we would again like to thank you very much for our fantastic safari experience. We got exactly what we wanted - a great combination of game parks, lodges and camps as well as a bit of tourism in and around Nairobi.

http://australken.com/customer/chris-jan.jpgPoor Symon must have been exhausted by the end of it all though as he had driven so many miles, whilst still being a perfect host and pointing out so many things to us. After seven days, he waved us off when we boarded the little plane at Mara Serena airstrip and we could see him for a few seconds until we got too high. It was quite sad, but we do of course have some marvellous memories. Also many thanks to Zippy for your faultless and patient planning over the months that it took us to finally decide on our itinerary.

What a formidable team you make!

So we will now be saving up for our next visit and will of course be seeking your advice once again.

Best Wishes
Chris & Jan (and of course Mick, Colin & Jane) Email: candjwujiw@madasafish.com on 22 October 2012

25-29 September 2012
Masai Mara – Hell’s Gate – Lake Nakuru

http://australken.com/customer/biking-hell.jpgBy requesting via de KATO website offers for a 5 day safari, we received many offers. Only one draw our attention, the offer from Zippy! She answered all our questions quickly and gave us advise why to change itinerary we requested. We went on a 5 day budget but private safari. First two nights Masai Mara, then one night Lake Naivasha, to visit Hell’s Gate, and last night Lake Nakuru. Our driver/guide Joseph and our cook John were both very friendly and helpful. We were very Lucky to see everything (big five and more) in Mara (except for the rhino, but in Lake Nakuru we saw many!).
A great variation was Hell’s gate. A recommodation if you like to be a bit more active after days of gamedrives. Go early in the morning to the park. Bike with a guide to the start of the gorge walk. Have a rest and do the walk of about 1.5 hours through a beautiful gorge. Pickup the bikes and ride the same way back to the entrance. A perfect half day activity (in our eyes)
So our conclusion: book a tour @ Australken!
They are: professional, accurate, enthusiastic, sincere and you will get personal attention.
Thanks Zippy, Joseph and John for beautiful and unforgetable 5 days!
Best Regards

The Netherlands Email: cin.roelofs@gmail.com on 17 October 2012

Dear Zippy

I hope you are fine ! :)

I apologize for our looong silence, but unfortunately life is so quick and still not enough time for important relations :)
But finally...first of all we want to express our great thanks for wonderful safari you organized for us. Amazing and unforgettable TIME !
Your kindness and hospitality are still in our hearts !
Please pass our warm thanks also for Evans and Daniel, they did great and outstanding job ! All these people, nature and animals are still in our minds. I hope we caught at least part of their beauty.

I hope we will meet again on our next safari ! You are the best ! :)

Best regards

Marcin and Sylwia :) Email: [mailto:marcin.m.mazurkiewicz@gmail.com]
on 24 August 2012

Dear Zippy,
As I promized, short summary of our tour.
My overall impression is very good , thank you for this vacation. Jozeph and Daniel were positive, ready to help and tried to keep us happy. We even had like a night safari game drive on the way from waterfalls to the Ark lodge. Food was also good.
May be , as an advise- any music in the car during the long transfers between parks could be a nice thing.
Thank you very much for the tour !

Best Regards,
Maxim. Email: [mailto:tenochtitlan01@yandex.ru] on 22 August 2012

Hi Zippy

Can't believe we have been home for just over a week already. Where does the time go?

I have been meaning to email you since the evening we arrived home but to be honest, I really didn't know where to start. I still can't quite believe our experience and how great you all were.
We really couldn't have asked for a better service from the very start of our planning the trip until we were queuing at the airport to return home.
You enabled us to have the experience we had imagined and more so thank you so much for that. Your suggestions were perfect and we loved everywhere we went. Even our last couple of days in Nairobi were planned perfectly. You took on board what I said we wanted to do and see and you made it happen plus more. Alex says it was all she wanted it to be. (even with the insects). We honestly didn't have any issue with the van problems. It just all added to our experience and didn't affect our holiday at all.

We had a brilliant experience and came to love the Kenyan people. It was an honour to be in your country.
Symon was fantastic. His knowledge of the animals was amazing (and his eyesight!) but it was his obvious enjoyment and love of the animals that made him so special as a Guide. We have some amazing photos thanks to him. Please thank him again from us.
Especially for all the hours he spent watching elephants with us.

I've tried making cabbage like Daniel's twice since I got home but it has been nothing like as good as his. We really enjoyed his cooking and were pleased to try some local dishes. Shame his porridge only appeared on the last day though, it was gorgeous. Alex is missing his eggs and pancakes.
We're not very vocal people so please tell Daniel and Symon again how grateful we are to them and how much we enjoyed their company.

We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who wants to visit Kenya.
However, please do let us know if there is anything we can do anytime to help promote your company. As we said, we are happy for you to give our contact details to anyone who wants references to your service. Please use our names and any quotes you wish in your advertising.

Please accept a really massive Thank You from us all.

Love from,
Anne, Jonathan and Alexandra xxx Email: [mailto:anne.ridgway@ntlworld.com]
on 05 August 2012

http://australken.com/customer/IMG_3051.jpgDear Zippy,

Greetings from Polish.
We would like to thank you once again for the wonderful experience that we met on safari in Kenya. Our friends admire the great photos and amazing video of the trip.
Please say hello to Livingston and Daniel. Super acquitted themselves.
Please find enclosed a few pictures.

All the best.

By, Kwaheri. Yote bora
Chris, Adam, Robert and Robert Email: adampiszczatowski@wp.pl on 28 July 2012

Hello Zippy,

First of all we would like to thank you for the great time we had in Kenya during our stay. From beginning to end, everything was according to the schedule, the guys (Kyoko and Daniel) are a great team and it is evident that they know what they do.

Simon asked us to let you know what can be highlighted in order to make some improvements to your service, but honestly since this was a budget trip we were not actually expecting to have any kind of luxury (fine dining, top lodge accommodation, etc), but in the other side we would have appreciated to have some options and better guidance in this aspect, for instance like if the guys tell us you can eat in this restaurant and the prices are within this range or this other one and this is are the prices and at the end we would be able to choose. May be it can be something similar in regards to the accommodation. If the time allows it, this can be done at the beginning after the arrival to the airport during the briefing with Simon.

In any case, we understand that the schedule and the time was very tight, so we preferred to accept the plan as it was coming, that at the end proved to be just great.

Definitely, I think the best sign of success for you is to know that next year we want to come back for more days and during the migration. So we expect to keep in touch and plan things with more time.

Thanks again for everything.

Best Regards,
Ricardo & Patricia Email: [mailto:ric.villanueva@hotmail.com] on 19 June 2012

Hi Zippy,
Sorry as well, I've been busy with work, I agree with everything Lam said and have recommended you to friends. Great job!

Jhaveri, Bindi [mailto:Bindi.Jhaveri@crs.org] on 09 June 2012

Hi Zippy,

Apologies for the delay in response - I have just finished my East Africa tour.

Thank you so much for an amazingly well organized and hospitable time in Kenya. As a first timer to the country, the professionalism which Australken's staff provided us was truly of high quality. From the moment we were picked up for the safari to the delicious homecooked meals to the great conversations with knowledgable answers, we felt very comfortable the entire trip. The true generosity and high responsiveness of Zippy, Daniel and Evans are true assets to the company. I would highly recommend Australken Tours & Travel to anyone wishing to experience Kenya!

All the best,
Lam Huynh [mailto:letsgolam@gmail.com] on 09 June 2012

Dear Zippy

Thanks a lot for you and your team for a great adventure experienced in Kenia. Many thanks to Joseph and Daniel for their assistance and friendly manners. I hope that we haven't been the most annoying traveller’s )) I will definitely advise Australken to my frienfriends and promote Kenia as an attractive, friendly and, of cause, worth seeing country.
Some of my friends are asking when the raining season is over and when is possible to visit Kenia this year?

Thanks again. Wish u luck!
Olga x4 Group Email: kurilkina_olga@mail.ru on 10 April 2012

http://australken.com/customer/pajac.pngDear Zippy, Simon and Sam,

Time is passing so quickly. And now t is already almost three months from our time we have spend in Africa together with you. It was great trip, thank you very much for all you have done for us. And all of us are sure that it was not our last time in Africa. In attachment we enclosed a few photos.
With the best greetings,
Hanna, Jerzy, Marcin and Mietek. Email: pajak.marcin@wp.pl on 03 April 2012

Dear Zippy! Australken Tours & Travel Ltd Safari company made our dreams come true

(as corny as that sounds, it is true.) We booked our safari with Australken after much research and felt like we hit the lottery by choosing them. We were dealing with “Zippy” and it is a rare occasion to have customer service as fantastic as hers. Booking a safari from across the world is intimidating, especially with all the warnings etc that you read. We were hesitant to book before we arrived in Nairobi. But from the moment I was in first contact, to the moment we hugged at the end of the trip – the service from Zippy was outstanding. My husband and I were looking for a budget safari though Kenya. We starting looking at a 3-4 day and ended up booking a 7 day safari. It was a lot less expensive than all of the other companies we researched, in fact we got a few extra days for the same price as others for the same itinery. We worried that we would sacrifice quality for quantity – but we had nothing to worry about…from the first minute to the last we were blown away with everything about our safari. I am so thankful that we did not book with one of the overpriced companies, because I doubt they would have been able to outdo the trip we had with Australken. Our specific safari began in Nairobi where the tour company picked us up. Then proceeded to drive us to a day tour that we had planned for the day before our actual safari began. This was above and beyond. Our 7 day safari began when we were picked up the following day by our driver/guide (Simon) and cook (Jon). Both of which made us feel very comfortable from the start – they were easy to get along with and fun to be around. We drove from Nairobi to Amboseli. Then Amboseli to Lake Naivasha. From Naivasha to Lake Bogoria and Lake Baringo. From Baringo to Lake Nakuru and then from Nakuru to the Maasai Mara. We covered all the national parks that we wanted to visit. First of all, we were by ourselves…just my husband and I and the driver and cook. This is by far the best way to go. (The only way to go in our books – so the price of the safari was an even better deal considering it was private). The safari van that we were in was a good van, with pop up roof. Our accommodation for our budget safari far exceeded our expectations. We were under the impression it would be tents. Yet, every night of the safari we were in a private “cabin” with a private washroom (toilet and shower). The driver/guide “Simon” was FANTASTIC! We have nothing but amazing things to say about him. The knowledge that he expressed was phenomenal. And he went out of his way to stop while we were driving to show us things we would have never noticed or known to look for. He was able to find/show us every animal that we wanted to see…and not only did we see everything we dreamed we would see…we saw it numerous times. 3 Cheetah sightings!!! Too many lions to count..we joke that we did not see the Big 5 – but the Big 500!! We just saw so much!!….Everything under the African sun we saw more than enough of. Our cook “Jon” made wonderful meals. He always had special meals prepared for us and we really enjoyed his great service. We called it “Jon’s magic.” And we were sad when the safari ended and we had go to restaurants. We also worried about getting sick (of course, being in a different country), but we always felt full, satisfied and healthy and happy. The food was great. The only thing is that we would have preferred more traditional dishes…but we like to be adventurous with our meals while traveling and I had not mentioned that when I was booking the trip, I would for next time though. We not only were given a dream fulfilling safari, but this company went out of their way to help with our other travel plans while we were in Kenya – after the safari was finished. When I was booking I asked Zippy for help with flights when in Kenya and train bookings, as well as visa assistance. She was able to get us the flights and train tickets that we required to get to our other destinations. She did this with NO EXTRA CHARGE. They dropped us off at the hotel in Nairobi, and then even picked us up the following day to drive us to the airport. She had all of our tickets booked and ready. WOW!!! Totally unexpected and exceptional service. We were blown away with all that they did to provide us with what was probably the best customer service my husband and I had ever received. What I am trying to get across is…if you are booking a safari in Kenya (or Tanzania, Uganda or Rwanda)…book with Australken!!! We can not thank them enough for making our trip, the trip of our dreams. They were professional from the first contact to the last…We felt like they put your hearts into the safari and service and did an outstanding job making us feel comfortable, see everything we dreamed of, they made our trip to Kenya more than memorable…it was the trip of a lifetime and we are forever grateful for all the care, concern and outstanding service they provided to us. If you have questions or anything regarding this company – please email me.

Jennifer B Email: Jencb33@gmail.com on 10 March 2012

Dear Zippy!

Thank you very, very much for absolutely perfect safari! 11 days spent on safari with Australken will remain in our memories forever. You made a big afford to make our holidays interesting and fantascic for us and our kids. We are impressed with You and Your Company – and we recommend Australken to everyone who thinks about safari in Kenya.
Zippy, please say hello to Robert and Livingstone.

Best regards, Ela Email: elzbieta.brzozowska@expertpr.pl on 01 March 2012

Dear Zippy!

Thank you for the wonderful journey you organized for us. Very professional !!! Please also say Big thank you to Livingstone and Daniel!
Thank you!

Alex and the team!!!! Email: aradzhabov@gmail.com on 09 February 2012

From 2011

Dear Zippy!

We both arrived safely in the Netherlands by now. It's cold and wet here after the nice and hot weather in Diani Beach and Mombasa. Thank you very much for your good service and care. We had a wonderful time in Kenya and we'd love to return someday to your beautiful country.
Asante sana and tutaonana! Myleen and Onno

Myleen Wolters mpwolters@hotmail.com + Onno Bergsma onno.bergsma@gmail.com on 29 November 2011

Dear Zippi

Thank you so much to you for your care from the first our meeting - after your two hours waiting of our latecomer bus from Kampala and till last minutes our visit – our telephone conversation at 5 a.m. near to Nairobi airport. Thanks a lot and please forward our greetings to your lovely team - Livingstone and Daniel for making this safari the best moments of our life! It was way better than all I had ever waited of! Camping was good, and everything was perfect really!
Livingstone was the perfect guide for us, very good driver, very interesting, and very respectful of the people, the environment and the animals, which I really appreciated.
Daniel's cooking was delicious; they did their best to please us as much as they could. More of two month passed since our return from the Kenya and was not one day that we don't remembered about our travel to Kenya. And this letter is confirmation of this. It is unforgettable! I have been truly touched by you and your crew's kindness, and can't wait to come back and travel with Australken again. Be sure I'll recommend you to everyone wanting to travel to East Africa Thank you very much!
We made up an album where you could see more pictures: https://picasaweb.google.com/103654241020788923441/2011AfricaKenya#
Best regards and hope to see you again in the future

Anatoly and Ludmila Berman
Israel E-mail: anatolyk1010@gmail.com on 28 November 2011

Hello Zippy

As for the safari it was all right,there was no problem,We were delighted because we met a big five. Only if I had to go again,I will chose this small plane,which land in Masai Mara because for us the road was so long and very very tired.
Our friend who lived in the same hotel that just flew.But now we are very happy and we can in good conscience recommend your agency to our friends. Once again thank you and maby see you.Please say hello to us to Simon,our driver Joseph and cook also Joseph

Kasia Bartek Dominika Mikolaj Czyzyk Email: kasiaczyzyk@hema.pl on July 20, 2011

Dear Zippy,

Thanks for your follow up. It is a pity that we didn't meet. But Simon had been very responsible, he came to greet us before the trip, explain things and also we appreciate very much that he had taken the trouble willingly to drive us to the airport for departure flights in two batches on the same evening.

We had a really enjoyable trip to the safari and also the climb up to Kilimanjaro. I would like to extend my thanks to:

Michael - He is very knowledgeable and he spotted the wild animals from far. He had been diligent and professional, even after long and tiring drives to the campsites, he immediately drove us to the national parks for game watching.

Joseph - We enjoyed very much his cooking, the food prepared was in high standard and very delicious. Even the packed lunch was prepared by heart.

Daniel - He is a very good guide to the mountain. For me, without him, I would never make it to Gilman's point. He walked behind me with lots of encouragement.

Wence - The Kilimanjaro climb had been arranged orderly and professionally.

I must say that the services provided by your company are good overall. This trip had given me a different impression of Africa or I should say Kenya in general.
May God bless the country and gospel continues to blossom. My best wish also for you and your family.
Cheers Jane Kwan Email: jane_kwan@hotmail.com on July 20, 2011

Audrey Chan Email: stbcaudreyzone@gmail.com Mabel Lam Email: lamcfm@gmail.com Sau Mei Wun Email: smwun3@gmail.com

Thank you for your concern.

Everything was perfect, and I am very happy with your services. In particular, it was very nice of Symon to let us leave our luggage in your office and organise us transportation to the airport late in the evening as it gave us chance to explore Nairobi. And we could learn that Nairobi is a really friendly city, completely not how I had imagined it before I arrived.
And we were also very happy with Michael, our guide who was very helpful, knowledgable and enthusiastic about spotting animals in the park. (and his language skills are amazing).
I would definitely recommend you to other travellers, as you are very professional and I got the feeling that you are not just doing your job, but really putting a lot of effort to make the customer happy.

Michal Email: msurtel@gazeta.pl on 19 July 2011

Hello Zippy!

Thanks for a great safari. Excellent organization. Guide is excellent. I will recommend your company to others. Thank you very much Warm Regards

Olga Kameneva, Email: steinmex@gmail.com on July 04, 2011

Dear Zippy,

Thank you for your kind email - we also regret that we didn't meet you personally since it was a pleasure to arrange all details with such professional person. However Simon, Daniel and Mike did excellent job and we left Kenya extremely satisfied, relaxed and with a hope that we will come back :) We've already recommended your office to our Polish friends planning a trip to Kenya and we will do the same in the future. Thank you once again for all well prepared arrangements.
@ Mike, many thanks once again for your engagement and sharing your knowledge about wild life - as promised we enclose our last pictures :)

Best regards to Simon and Daniel and hope to see you again in the future,
Damian and Gabi, Email: czujas@o2.pl on July 03, 2011.

Hello Zippy J. Mugweru.

Dmitriy and Alfiya from Russia are writing to you.
We are happy that we have been to Kenya and that we were traveling by your company. Everything in our trip was good. We saw a lot of different animals and birds and took a lot of beautiful photos. Our guides (guide&driver Michael, cook Daniel and Saymon) are very cool guys. Thank you very much for your help in organization of this nice trip we never forget. I hope that we will come back to Kenya in future. Best regards,

Dmitriy and Alfiya, Email: slonperm@gmail.com on July 01, 2011.

Dear Zippy & Australken Crew

Many thanks to you and the staff of your company, Livingston and John for a wonderful tour. Everything was well organized manner. Our trip we really enjoyed it. It was really incredible.
We miss Kenya, for your wonderful people. We wish you success and prosperity.

With great respect, Valentina and Nikolay. Russia Moscow vs388@mail.ru on April 25, 2011

Dear Zippy

We just got back from Kenya(Masai Mara, Lake Nakuru , Diani Beach) and we are very satisfied with your service. We would like to thank Simon and Daniel for their great job. We saw all animals which were promised to be seen. The food was excellent and conversation with Simon about everything was very interesting We recommend Australken to everyone who is interested in African safaris. Our trip was very well organized in every detail. We had wonderful time in Kenya and we miss You and sunshine of Africa.

Thank you one more time.
Beata and Hubert from Poland Email: pollyleo1@poczta.onet.pl on February 23, 2011

Dear Zippy & Australken Crew

It was a real pleasure to meet You all; the week that we spent with You was an amazing time,we like it so much that we have already decided to come back again ,of course with Australken as the safari You organized was perfect.It was our third time in Kenya and with no doubt the best one.I will recommend You and as I work in a big company be prepared :) Thank You for unforgettable experience and see You.

wishing You all the best
Asia&Radek, Poland, e-mail: logopeda9@gazeta.pl on February 23, 2011

Dear Zippy

Yesterday noon we came back home after long trip. We are tired but happy.
We would like to thank you once more for all you did for us during our two weeks holidays in Kenya. Thanks to you, Mozes and Joseph we spent unforgettable time on safari and next in Mombasa as well as last day in Nairobi. All arrangements were prepared and performed perfectly. Mozes is a master guide and animal tracker and Joseph is camping Mastercook, and additionally, both of them are very friendly.
We will recommend Australken to all travellers which will be going to spend holidays in Kenya. <<...>>
Now in Warsaw is 0oC and snowing ?
We wish you all the best

Basia, Kasia, Marzena and Tomek Email: sklep_opiumowy@tlen.pl, kaspap@gmail.com, tsnowakowski@wp.pl on February 12, 2011

Hi Zippy,

how are you? Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to thank you once again for your great job and our safari. Everything was more then perfect and we had really great time every day and in every place. Thanks a lot and pls forward our greetings to your lovely team - Livingstone and Daniel and Tanzanian guys:))))
They are really nice!
Many thanks again and wish you good luck:)

Katya Strukova Email: katya.strukova@filmservice.ru on February 11, 2011

Thanks a lot Zippy

for being so kind with all our family and so concerned by all details so that our trip has really been a wonderfull dream. Please find attached the picture we took our last day in your beautifull country, outside the restorant
Kindest regards from Chile !

Agathe Email: aporte@proximity.cl on February 08, 2011

Good Day, Zippy.

We are already at home, arrived without incident! Thanks for the great safari! Be sure toturn to you when get together to visit Tanzania!

Vadim, Elena & Alexey Email: satbase@mail.ru on February 07, 2011

Hello Zippy!

Write to you, Antonio, and Vladimir
We are well traveled to Kenya and visited Malindi, on the island of Lamu, Mandu and lastly visited the beaches of Watamu We've got a great trip! Once again, thank you very much for the wonderful safari, it will be remembered for a lifetime!

Antonio and Vladimir Email: denhot74@mail.ru on January 23, 2011

From 2010

Dear Zippy,

We are few days late but Selena and I are both home safely. Just a bit booked in past few days with the work we missed during our holiday.
Wish everything is running fine with you, the company and Symon (we know he is on his long holiday to recover after spending 12 day with us) as well. We have spent some decent time with our family and explained to them the amazement we experienced in Kenya. They are all convinced about Kenya by browsing the photos we took and the stories we had. Guess we might visit later with a bit bigger group, all girls (poooooor Symon).
Again, would like to express the appreciation of ours for the wonderful arrangement of our tour as well as the gifts you gave to us. You are the best contact we have ever met, so sufficient and organized. Thanks to brilliant Symon who made a great teacher to us, making our eyes wide open to the wildlife with his patience and passion. Using his superb radar, he managed to let Selena and I meet the wildlife of all sorts, cheetah, leopard and etc. How he could spot the wildlife in a distance remains a mystery to us (haaa<85>)

Hard to put our thanks in words, indeed. Selena and I would be planning to return to Kenya for migration next year or a year later. We keep in contact! By the way, if there is a chance for you and Symon to visit HK or Taiwan, be our guest<85>

Katy Email: katy0204@gmail.com & selenachang5@hotmail.com on December 21, 2010

Jambo Zippy!

I just wanted to drop you a quick email following our return to the UK to say a big thank you for organising such a wonderful trip. From my initial email inquiry you were accommodating and helpful, detailing various options and ultimately tailoring the trip exactly to our needs.
Symon was a brilliant guide and made the safari experience fantastic - he was a superb tracker and 'spotter' and had such a vast knowledge of the animals and environment we learnt a huge amount. It was a great surprise to meet up with him again in Nairobi when we had our city tour. It was also really nice to meet up with you and thank you again for the lovely presents you gave us, we got everything home safely including the giraffe and hippo!
We will definitely recommend you to any friends considering a trip to Kenya.

Many thanks
Catherine catherinecain@hotmail.com & nevcatton@googlemail.com on December 04, 2010

Dear Zippy,

today Olga and i have successfully returned to Moscow after almost 24hrs flight, tired but still do recall this wonderful time spent in Kenya.
Many-many thanks to you and your team for the hospitality, clear and quick organization, we really enjoyed being with Michael and Joseph during our safari!

With kind regards and with hope to come again,
Yuri&Olga Email &th; ytenishev@gmail.com> November 30, 2010

Jambo Zippy,

thank you so much for your great organization of our 3 day safari ... we enjoyed it very much.
Kenya is just great. For me it was a really great time and I will definitely come again for another safari.
When the time comes I will contact you.
Maybe then with family or alone again. Even now that's very nice.
All of greetings from cold Germany. Also by FOX from Tanzania Nicole

Asante sana
<mailto:nicole@heuel-online.de> nicole@heuel-online.de on November 17, 2010

Dear Zippy!

Once again I want to tell you and Michael thank you so much! Our trip turned out like this, about which we dreamed.

A birthday in the bush has surpassed all our expectations! We would like to come to Kenya again, because you still have a lot of interesting places to visit which we did not have time for this trip.

Of course, we will gladly use your services again and will recommend you to all our friends!

Wish you all the best,
Elena, Vasily, Tatiana and Pavel
Email: <evbochegova@country-mebel.ru> on October 29, 2010

Dear Zippy,

We are now safely home after a wonderful holiday and the best safari ever!

We would just like to thank you all, especially you, Zippy, for your patience with our constant indecision and your organisational skills, prompt responses and advice prior to our visit to Kenya. We really must also say a huge thank you to Symon for his tremendous driving skills and vast knowledge of his beautiful country and its wildlife, which he generously shared. In Mombasa, Mark too was a credit to the company. For two of our party, it was their first time in Kenya and their first time on safari. What an introduction to the country and to some of your Parks they had!

We always felt safe and every aspect of our stay seemed to have been considered and made perfect. We knew that our plan to visit the Daphne Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, Aberdares, Samburu, Lake Nakuru and the Masai Mara would be demanding but you tailored our itinerary to perfection. We didn't waste a second but we had plenty of rests too. Unfortunately, we had to hurry to catch a flight at the end and don't feel as if we thanked Symon properly for all his attention to detail or for the gifts which he gave us on behalf of the company. What a lovely thoughtful added bonus! Our only complaint is that it all went by too quickly!

What more can we say?! We are already saving to come back. We have been on many safaris without you but we hope to do many more with you from now on!

Very best regards,
Jan and Chris Wujiw.
Email: <candjwujiw@madasafish.com> and <chris.wujiw@ltsbasset.co.uk> on October 28, 2010

Dear Zippy

Many greetings from cold Poland. Thank you one more time for unforgetable safari in Masai Mara. The market near your office (which you showed us through your window) was great, we bought there everything we need. Thank you very much, best regards also for Michael.

We wish you all the best and we hope to see you someday again:-)

Katarzyna Swierczek
Email: <kasia.swierczek@wp.pl> on October 13, 2010


we would like to say you again the words of our appreciation. The safari was organized and implemented very interesting and without any problem. Also we would like to note a zeal of driver and cook. We had absolutely different breakfast, lunch and dinner every day. And Symon showed to us in fact all animals which we want to see. We even saw leopard :)

So we will be recommend your company to our frends who will go to Kenya.

Best regards,
Dmitry Burlakov Email: <dmitriy-rnd@yandex.ru> on September 26, 2010

Hello Zippy!

Sorry for being late with the response to unforgettable experience which you gave us in Kenya. It really took time to pick over our best pictures, to gift all the souvenirs to our friends and to tell them the story of our true adventures. The "Olympic winner" shock is calmed down and finally we realized what an amazing trip we did together!

We are really happy to remember our days in Kenya. Katya can't forget the plenty of animals which we met in parks, though she can't recall the names even for the half of them (especially birds)! Vitali's best t-shirt now is one which we bought in Nukumat with an elephant on it and the strange words "Mwenye Nguvu" (we didn't find what it means but it made laugh a policeman when we passed our passport control in Kenyatta). As for me I would consider this trip the best one in my life, not only because of all these exotic wildlife, plants and even people around you but also because of the state-of-the-art tour organization where every tiny detail was thought-out.

Thank you very much for the experience that allowed us to feel the real spirit of Africa! If we had a chance to live this summer again we would definitely go to Kenya with Australken!

Please send our best to Symon (who is a real animal professor) and Daniel (who one day will work as a chef for the most respectable restaurants in Africa)!
I've attached several pictures to this mail. We believe they could find their place in your excellent customer's book. Also we made up an album for our friends where you could see more pictures: http://picasaweb.google.ru/109134979720396660456/2010#slideshow/5501794902080494066.

With the best wishes from Russia,
Ilya, Vitali and Katya Email: <ilya.zaitsev@mail.ru> on August 09, 2010

Jambo Zippy,

It was very hard to come back to work after this beautiful time, which we spend with you. Kenya is the most beautiful country in the world.

I think that without your help we couldn’t discover his richness of culture, nature and unique people. Best regards and big asante sana to Mwai and Mwangi for showing us all the animals and delicious meals on safari. You are the best crew!

Best regards and big asante sana to Mwita for showing us the Nairobi and the knowledge about your culture. Asante for Kisuahili lessons!
Zippy, asante sana for your openness, your professionalism, your instructions, your always good mood and big asante sana for the showing us the real part of Kenya. Sorry that we have don’t make it to enjoy the dinner together.
We think that we meet us next year on safari.

Best regards
Marta and Bartek Email: <bartosz.malarek@onet.eu> on August 07, 2010

Dear Zippy,

We arrived without any problems in Geneva. Thank you for organizing a great safari trip in Kenya.

Pass a thank you to Simon who is a great guide. And tell him that we hold him to his word that he will hike with us to the top of Kilimanjaro during our next visit.

Joanna & Milosz email< mhulboj@gmail.com > on May 27, 2010

Dear Zippy,

Sorry about the delay in writing, but I had to go to Switzerland the day after I returned from Kenya, and have only just got back.

I wanted to thank you ever so much for the beautiful presents you gave me when we met in Nairobi – quite unexpected, and very special, just as our whole experience was. We are thoroughly delighted with our holiday of a lifetime, and will treasure the memories of your very beautiful country.
Please thank Symon again for looking after us so well during our wonderful safari. We wish you and the business every success in the future, and will gladly recommend your service to anyone who is contemplating such a trip.

I now look forward to coming back to Kenya in August 2012 – it will be a very busy time for me with the conference, but I hope I may manage to fit just a short break before or after. Will be in touch nearer the time!!!

In peace and friendship

Marisa and Mick email < marisa.johnson@ntlworld.com> on May 26, 2010

Jambo Zippy
Returned yesterday as planned from our wonderful trip to Kenya, and now just wanted to say a very big Asante to you.

The trip was everything, and more, we could have hoped for. We saw so many animals, including the Big Five, and the Kenyan landscape appeared just magical. All the hotels were excellent - service and staff were faultless. The whole week was further enhanced by wonderful Symon, whose knowledge and ability (not to mention patience with us) was truely awesome. What a Star! Please do convey our thanks to him again.

Big thank you also for your very kind gift of the beautiful bowls and t-shirts.
You have helped give us memories that will last a lifetime.
We could not wish for more - other than to return to Kenya as soon as possible.
Attached is a "team photo"!
Best wishes and grateful thanks Judith, Laurence, Richard, Emma, Catherine & Tim

Email<judystirk@hotmail.com> on April 15, 2010

Hello Zippy,
I arrived back in the UK wishing I could return to Kenya the next morning. I had a fantastic time on Safari and must thank Joseph and Michael for making my trip so memorable. As a single woman traveling alone I was a little anxious but they both made me feel very comfortable and were extremely professional. Their knowledge was outstanding and I not only learnt a great deal about the animals we spotted but also about Kenya, its history and culture. I would fully recommend using Australken Tours and Travel and I would definitely book with you again. Thank you for my present too that was most unexpected and a very pleasant surprise.
Take Care
Kind Regards

Ayse email <ayse_cresswell@hotmail.co.uk> on March 16, 2010

Hello Zippy,
We are back in Brazzaville

Tomorrow, the girls will go back to school, with a lot to tell to their friends about their trip, and I hope also with an improved English!!!

I want to thank you so much for everything during our trip to Kenya : we had a great time and your organisation and reactivity was perfect !!
I hope we didn’t put you into complicated situations with our last minute changes!!!
In fact, I should have listened to your first choices…
We had great pleasure meeting and discussing with Simon, we appreciated his knowledge, kindness and patience with us.
Please, transfer him this pictures.

For sure, I will talk positively to anybody my friends of Australken and the Banana House in Lamu!!! I hope to bring you some new customers!!!

Kind regards.

Lydwine Email <lydwine.vaillant@yahoo.fr> on March 07, 2010

Dear Zippy,
This mail is to address you our great thanks for this safari in Kénya. All were pleasant and very interesting for us, Kénya is a beautiful place and we decided to return to visit the North place and Lamu, in a few years. Michael was a good guide, and Aymeric enjoyed his answers! Also thank you for the gifts, very well choice, the plate is very nice.

So, we hope you will make still many safaris as this one, and send you our best greetings.

Claude, Hervé and Aymeric Le Sénéchal Email <claude.lsnl@yahoo.fr> on March 07, 2010

Dear Zippy,
We're finally back home and just wanted to once again thank you for everything. As I have mentioned during our last talk, the level of care, comfort and overall client management on your part have surpassed all reasonable (and sometimes unreasonable) expectations and this is greatly appreciated. Marina sends her special thanks for the plate (which we have managed to get home safely) and other memorable gifts which undoubtedly will find place in our home. What is more important, we have managed to bring back beautiful memories of a wonderful country and its people, which undoubtedly did find their place in our hearts. Thanks again for unforgettable vacation.

Good luck in life and business, and I sincerely hope that we get in touch some time, once appropriate occasion takes place.

Marat & Marina
St. Petersburg
February 2010 <marat.altynbaev77@gmail.com> February 16, 2010

Dear and respected Zippy!
This is our company Lesya, Ilya, Natalia, and Anatoly!
Yesterday we returned from your wonderful country, but today, we want to go back, in a country where everyone smiles, where an unusual nature, kindness. Many thanks to Simon, we are very like of this boy, he really professional, intelligent, kind and handsome man!
You company is distinguished by high profession, the whole trip was on a clear timetable, in particular we liked the last day when Simon did for us a tour of the Nairobi-and right next to the Nairobi airport on the road we met a giraffe! Thank you for your gift, it will always remind us about your wonderful country!
I tell everybody about you, Zippy, I wish you love, health, good book!
Thank you! Until next time!

Lesya, Ilya, Natalia, and Anatoly, Ukraine.<lesyaslyusaryeva@gmail.com> January 24, 2010

From 2009

Dear Zippy,
I would like to express my sincere appreciation of the highly professional job you & Symon have done for us during our stay in Kenya Dec-Jan 2009-2010.. Perfect - is the right word to describe your exceptional customer focus, outstanding responsiveness, ability to earn trust & credibility in any challenging situations. Your company has demonstrated high standards of hospitality and travel organization giving us forever the unforgetable taste of Kenya memories... I would definitely recommend your company as a reliable partner for any travel to Africe and you personally as an outstanding leader & professional. And shall I pamper myself with further trips to Africa I have no doubts which company I shall chose to have great time - Australken. Also I would like to thank our accompagning team - Symon, Patrick, others who were during very good job always finding the right balance between professional job, personal care & client interests. You are the best!
PS I have not yet bought my tsavorites so I shall return some time again for sure :))
With kind regards,

Natalia Papkova<nataliapapkova@yahoo.com> January 18, 2010

Dear Zippy,
Anais & I have arrived safe in Paris , welcomed by -3°C, and transport strike... As if leaving Kenya wasn't bad enough !!! Thank you so much to you, Symon and Joseph for making this safari the time of my life !! It was way better than all I had ever dreamed of !! We have been treated like queens by everybody, "camping" was more than luxurious, and everything was perfect really ! Symon was the perfect guide for us, very good driver, very interesting, and very respectful of the people, the environment and the animals, which I really appreciated. Joseph's cooking was delicious, they did their best to please us as much as they could. And Symon fulfilled my most cherished dream with the big cats !! Unforgettable !! I have been truly touched by you and your crew's kindness, and can't wait to come back and travel with Australken again, and, who knows, make Kenya my new home ! Be sure I'll recommend you to everyone wanting to travel to East Africa . I wish you a very good season ; long live Australken !!
Asante sana !
Truly yours,

Anais Beddok<anais.beddok@gmail.com> December 16, 2009

Jambo Zippy,
yes, we are back in Germany; our trip was without any problems and all flight on schedule.
Thanks again for the best service I ever had in Kenia - you can be really proud on your company and of course proud on the people, working there.
I hope to be back in Kenya or Tansania, soon - may be, I will find a week for a Kili- trip next year. (Karin does not want to do another trekking - well, this may change during the next weeks)
Again: Asante Sana!

Best regards

Helmut Email<helmut.brueggemann@googlemail.com> on November 23, 2009

Hello dear Zippy!
We've arrived yesterday from Istanbul. Everything is ok, although we're a bit tired. But when we looked at the photos - smiles didn't come off our faces - it's absolutely fantastic!
Thank you dear Zippy for everything you did for us! we appreciate it greatly! Different things happen in our life, but when people like you are near and come across our way - then even the most hard situations seem to be not so awful. We send you some of our photos, and we'll be very very happy to see you again!

With love,

Lyashenko family! Email<formyrest@mail.ru> on November 24, 2009

Hi Zippy
We' re back at work busy busy all day long... miss those relaxing days... just been less than a month , but so much have been happening that it seems like ages...

Thanks again for organizing a memorable trip once again! You always deliver what we ask for! We'll have to start saving up for our next trip! Then it is Uganda and those scary gorillas... Oh my good... Havard is really looking forward to that...puh... Then I'll need to have Symon as our guide i think....

until next time!!

best wishes

Anne Grete and Havard Email<anegretta@hotmail.com> on November 18, 2009

Dear Zippy
Many thanks for excellent safari which was organized by your firm for me. It's was a great time for me and Kenya is a fantastic and very beautiful country. Also, many thanks for very good organization of the trip.

Sergey Stepanov.email<nc@r66.ru> on November 10, 2009

Jambo Zippy and the Crew
We would like to thank you for organizing for us unforgetable time in Kenia and Tanzania.
We could feel like in paradise. You are great person and we wish you all best.
I wish all travel companies were as perfect as yours

Best regards

Michael, Beata, Magda, Slawek, Tomek from Poland.

Slawomir Klowaty <klowaty@yahoo.com>
Magdalena Janicka <magdalenajanicka@o2.pl>
Micheal Res <mres@poczta.onet.pl>
October 20, 2009

Jambo Zippy!
Thank you for a perfectly organized safari in your beautiful Country! It was fantastic. We admired great views and got pleasure from the animals. All this is due to your and Peter's hard work and desire to do your best for us. Polina will have an unforgettable impression of this trip and your hospitality.
Every adventure is a little life, so our little life in Kenya was remarkable. Thank you for your time and the gifts that would not give us a chance to forget this wonderful time we spent in Kenya with AustralKen.
If we ever decide to travel to East Africa again, we will not have to serf through internet, we'll simply contact you Zippy. Traveled in mid August 2009.

Ilya, Tatiana & Polina Limberis from Moscow Russia. Email <7767027@mail.ru> on August 26, 2009

Dear Zippy,
Ingrid and me enjoyed both days very much and overall had a great time in Kenya. Now we pray for rain for all of you!

Bill Wooten" <1Bill2@comcast.net>on 22 August, 2009

Hi Zippy
We got back well thank you.
It was a pleasure to meet you and thank you for the gifts, they will be treasured. We had a great time in Kenya and you really looked after us. Your driver John was the perfect guy for the job and he really cared that we had a good time. We hope to come back soon.
Kind regards

Daniel Email: <mailfilter888-1@yahoo.com> on August 20, 2009

Jambo Zippy!
Once again thank you for the wonderful trip! Please give Symon and Joseph our best wiches. We miss you all. And I'll send you photos later.
Lala salama.

Ksenya & Renat Email:<renatksen@tochka.ru> on August 17, 2009

Dear Zippy,
I've posted the clips on the YOU TUBE.



Best wishes,

Ivan&Irina Email:<iblagoj@yandex.ru> on August 14, 2009

Dear Zippy,

We had a safe journey back home. I'd like to say our sincere thanks for the wonderful trip to Kenya you helped us with. Both adults and kids impressed very much and took lots of colorful memories and bright impressions from your amazing country. Thank you again for that you and your team have done for us. Should you visit Russia and St Pete particularly - make me a call, will be glad to meet you and help you.
All the best,

Alexey.Email:<alexeyre@microsoft.com> August 03, 2009

Jambo Zippy,
My father, brother and I have just finished our trip to Lake Nakuru National Park, with Simon. I wanted to email you and Simon immediately to simply say what a wonderful time we had, not just today but yesterday on our family roots trip.
Simon, was more than we could have hoped for in a driver and guide. Friendly, knowledgeable and could not do enough to make the day how we wanted, we really can't thank him enough, especially when he stayed on in the park to get those all important lion photos!
We will definitely be recommending your company to anyone that wants to travel to Kenya as the service we have received from start to finish has been first class. And of course if we ever come back, and I'm sure we will, you will be the first people we contact.
All our many thanks once again,

Stephen, Richard and Chris. > Email: stephen.pierce@isistelecom.com on 3rd June, 09

Greetings from Namibia. We made it back!Kenya was a highlight of our trip, thank you. We had a great time on safari thanks to you & your team.

From: "saoberts@hotmail.com">Sabrina Roberts and From: "cooper_6@hotmail.com">Kate Wilcox on February 17, 2009

On behalf of the whole party (Levan Butkhuzi, Levan Panchulidze, Bejan Lortkipanidze, Giorgi Gorgadze & Sofo Dolidze) I’d like to thank you very much for the amazing and perfectly planned trip that also turned out full of surprises. Simon was as usual friendly, attentive, professional and very helpful so we greatly appreciate his efforts too.

From: "irakli.shavgulidze@nacres.org">Irakli Shavgulidze on February 04, 2009

Zippy, all I can tell you is that our trip in Africa was absolutely amazing and unbelievable. Last January will always remain among my and Sofo’s sweetest memories. We do hope we’ll  come back to Kenya one beautiful day. Many, many thanks to your team and you personally for organizing such a great holiday for us. Besides, just wanted to let you know, that my wallet arrived and all content are present. Thank you!

From: "lpanchulidze@bagebeycity.com">Levan Panchulidze on February 02, 09

Thank you and Symon for you endless hospitality and professionalism.

From: "dkargaev@gmail.com">Denis Kargaev & Albina on January 20, 2009

We 're back home. The travel to Brazzaville was good. Thank you for the organisation et your kindness. I'll contact you next year for Kilimandjaro,

Sincerely yours,

From: "dangoumauherve@yahoo.fr">Hervé and the dangoumau's family on January 08, 2009

From 2008 and earlier . . .

Thank you very much for the trip, which you gave us!

From: "OSholomitskaya@IBS.RU">Olga and Nick on December 30, 2008

Thank you very much - we had wonderfoul time in Kenya! As for me pesonally it was the best vacation I,ve ever had. Really want to come back again to Africa,

From: "5500144@mail.ru">Oksana Bragina on December 01, 2008

I returned to snow-covered Moscow, went to school, but I often recall the days, carried out in your surprising country. Enormous thanks to you for the wonderful souvenirs, which you presented to us to the farewell. With pleasure we tell friends about our trip, many of them want to experience the same sensations, so that’s some job for you! In a few years we want to return to Africa, so expect us! P.S. Simon, prepare to show leopard!

Kwaheri. From: "solguri@yandex.ru">Sablin Pavel - 11 years old on November 24, 2008

It was also a great pleasure to be in Safari with your company, William was fantastic; we really enjoyed our stay with Australken !

Ivan & Ludovic on November 18, 2008
From: "ludoviclavergne59@hotmail.fr">Ludovic lavergne and From: "penasivan@hotmail.com">Ivan Penas

Hello Zyppy
  I thank you very much to you and for your kindness when being there,   It's been a great time, very enjoying and the travel agency i have never dealt to.
  Very kind regrds
  Hope to see you soon.
  alberto gisbert on june 26, 2006 agisbert@gbgrupajes.com

Hello Zippy,
My flight arrived safely back in Seattle a few hours ago. A long trip! I hope you heard some good news from LeighAnna and the rest of the group at IU House. Thank you again for Australken's terrific service and for the beautiful cloth. Please give my best to Simon.
Take care,
Jill Denny on January 28, 2006 jdenny@u.washington.edu 

Dear Zippy, Simon and Sarah,
We wanted to thank you so much for everything you did for us on our tour in June and July.  We had such an amazing time.  Ever since we left I have been talking to everyone about the incredible tour that we had with you.  I am already talking about the next time we come to Kenya and Tanzania.  We will definitely see you again in the future.
  Asante sana,
David and Kelly on October 11, 2005 dcaleb@unishanoi.org

Dear Zippy,
I know this comes a bit late but we all want to thank you for the wonderful tour and hospitality, and the T-shirts.  It really was a lifetime experience for all of us. Both Simon and Weston were very nice and extremely helpful. Please say hello and thank you to them too.
For Natia and Zura the Malindi section was too short of course but they still had a chance to appreciate a bit of beach holiday and Kenya sunshine. Levan and myself had a wonderful time there. We in addition did some scuba diving for the first time in our lives. It really was great. 
We all wish you Merry Christmas and a happy new year...
Just another thing I forgot to mention, we were all impressed by Symon's knowledge and understanding of many different things we might have wanted to learn about Kenya whether on wildlife or other things, so he really was more than just a safari driver or guide to us.
All the best
Irakli on December 20, 2005
Irakli Shavgulidze email: irakli.shavgulidze@nacres.org Natia Kopaliani email: natia.kopaliani@nacres.org Zura Gurielidze email: zgurielidze@gpadc.org.ge  Levan Butkhuzi email: striped.hyena@nacres.org

Jambo Zippy
Bob and I just returned home and wanted to drop you a note to tell you again how much we enjoyed our tour we booked with you and how wonderful Symon was.  I have to tell you that it really spoiled us to not have others in the vehicle. Take good care and I look forward to working with you again in the near future.
Linda and Bob on November 12, 2005 Bob Nichols email: granitebaynick@starstream.net

Hi Zippy, 
We have good memories of our trip to Kenya and want to return in the future and appreciate keeping in touch with you.  Hope everything is fine with you and stay safe.  Rick.........
Crstaha@aol.com on September 22, 2005 SUSAN'S EM IS SSTAHA@AOL.COM

Hi Zippy,
It’s great to hear from you and we’re glad that you’re doing fine! Here, back in Holland, everything is also very fine, but we really miss Kenya, with all it’s beauty and very kind people.
  We want to thank you once again for your great help and kindness,
  All the best,
  Ivo and Sophia on September 22, 2005 Email: ivo.de.vries@zonnet.nl Email: s.l.m.vanderlinden@student.tudelft.nl

Hi Zippy (and Symon and Sarah),
We have been well since leaving Kenya.  We certainly did get some good photos!!  I will send you a few when I get a chance to process all of them and have some extra time to get them printed. 
We really enjoyed our holiday with you and told our family all about it.  They were quite impressed by the photos and the stories of what we saw.
We are back in Vietnam now and hard at work at the start of a new school year.  Hope everything is going well for all of you and that you are busy, busy, busy.
  Take care,
  Jason on September 5, 2005 jjuteau@unishanoi.org Jenniferjuteau@Unishanoi.Org Dcaleb@Unishanoi.Org Kcaleb@Unishanoi.Org

Hi Zippy,
this is Joachim and Inge from Germany!
At the12th of august it has been exactly one year that you picked us up at the airport in Nairobi. We felt so welcome and there are so many things we love to remember of this time and all the things that happened to us in this holiday.
Please tell Symon our Greetings, we think about crossing the border to Tansania!
So have a good time all together!!
Joachim and Inge on August 21, 2005 Joachim Linsenmeyer email: j.linsenmeyer@T-Online.de

Jambo Zippy,
  How are you doing?, we are fine , getting used to our life after Africa. It certainly is calm and uneventful, I still remember my days of watching all your beautiful animals , oh it was a dream come true for me.
Hope you are well, I'm enclosing the pictures of the night we went to the Carnivore  Restaurant. Please give my kindest regards to Tom , Dionisio and Simon when you see them,
  Best wishes
Maria and Karl on June 25, 2005 Maria Fernanda Z Email: marife53@hotmail.com