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Travel Information on Tanzania, Travel Tips on Travel to Tanzania

The country is accessible by air, sea, rail or road. Several major international airlines operate in Tanzania. And by road there are regular shuttles between Nairobi a major Regional hub and Arusha the Northern Tourism Centre.

An onward ticket and sufficient funds are required when entering Tanzania. All visitors require visas. Visas are available at all Tanzanian Embassies abroad and at all entry points into the country.

A Yellow Fever vaccination certificate is essential if arriving from a Yellow Fever infected areas. Anti malarial tablets are recommended. Take prescribed drugs a few days before arrival, during your stay and for a short period after returning. Boil or sterilize drinking water and milk. Cook or peel vegetables and fruits. Personal Insurance is recommended. Flying Doctors facilities are also available.

There are no restrictions on the importation of foreign currency. The import or export of Tanzanian shillings is illegal. The rate of exchange varies. Foreign currency can be changed at the Bureau de Change and Banks. Major credit cards are accepted in the larger hotels but it is advisable to carry a reasonable amount of cash (US $) WHAT TO TAKE: The following equipments are essential; camera, camcorder, binoculars, flashlights, replacement batteries, sunglasses, hat, sun lotion, lip balm and some insect repellent.

Safari Dress:
For ladies; light easy drip-dry blouses, skirts, and khaki trousers. For men: drip-dry casual shirts, khaki trousers, and bush jackets Bright colours should be avoided in wildlife areas Immodest dressing will offend local traditions.

There is a variety of food. You’ll find international cuisine in the hotels, restaurants and lodges. On the coast, fish and lobsters with local dishes such as Biriyani and meat or fish curries. Specialties: spiced tea or coffee and ‘Halwa’ a sweet dessert with almonds

The protection of nature is everyone’s concern. On safari, do not collect or buy bones, skins, horns, teeth, feathers or shells. And on the coast do not bring back coral, shells, or starfish, which play an important role in the fragile ecosystem. Do not litter where others are expected to visit. The guides know the local habits and customs. It is always advisable to ask someone’s permission before taking his/her photograph.

Locally made products are available at good prices. On the mainland, You can find batiks, the Tinga-tinga paintings, and objects in ebony (cutlery, Bracelets, sculptures, furniture), basket ware (baskets, hats, rugs), beaded Maasai necklaces, precious jewels (gold, diamonds, Tanzanite and other Gemstones). In Zanzibar you can find textiles (wrap arounds: Kikoi for men and Khanga for ladies), carved chests, perfumes, natural lotions and spices.

Once you have made up your mind to visit, All we need from you is the duration of your stay here, then our professional safari consultants will assist to tailor your African safari dream. Simply fill in our booking form and email it to us, it is designed to enable us to make proper arrangements for all your requirements and special needs. Let us do the rest

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