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Hiking on Mt Kenya, Trekking on Mount Kenya, Climbing Mt Kenya

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Batian and Nelion Peaks To climb to the highest peaks-Batian and Nelion, one requires ropes, ice-axes and other specialized climbing gear. The two peaks can be attempted by experienced climbers. Non-experienced climbers have managed to reach point Lenana 4,970 meters ( 16,300ft) commonly called the "Tourist Peak".

Mt Kenya

Mt Kenya Climbing - Naro Moru Route
This is the most popular route although not the most scenic. It is also the fastest route to point Lenana. Easiest route to the top with bunkhouses and good access. The quick ascent can lead to altitude sickness since the distance is 38 km, a duration of 3 days and a High point 4985m at Lenana Point. The altitude gain is 2985m

Day 1: Naro Moru Park Gate - Met Station. 10 km, 3-4 hours, 1000m ascent. The trail ascends from Naro Moru gate to Met Station at 3,050m, possible sidetracks through the Teleki valley.

Day 2: Met Station - Mackinders Camp. 10 km 5-6 hours, 1150 m ascent. Continue to climb past the vertical bog up to Mackinders Camp at 4,210m.

Day 3: Mackinder's Camp - Point Lenana, then descent to Met Station 4km, 3.5 hours, 785 m ascent. 14 km, 5-6 hours, 1935 m descent. At about 3.00am start the final push to the summit. This early start will allow you to enjoy the sunrise over the mountains at Point Lenana. Descend to Met Station for overnight.

Mt Kenya Hiking - Chogoria Route
This is by far the most scenic and interesting route. It takes in both tropical forests and moorland.

Day 1: Ascend to Minto's Hut at 4,300m which is situated on a plateau overlooking Lake Michaelson 300m below. There are spectacular views of the summits from here.

Mt Kenya Trekking

Day 2:The trail continues to Austrian Hut via Tooth Col which is situated between several rock towers. Overnight at Austrian Hut.

Day 3 : An early morning start to attempt the summit of Point Lenana, which is only about one hour from Austria Hut. Descend to Chogoria Park Gate for the night.

Chogoria - Naru Moru with Summit Peak Circuit
Combine the very scenic Chogoria route with the popular Naru Moru together with the Circuit of the Peaks.

Day 1: Transfer to Naro Moru resting here overnight for acclimatisation.

Day 2: Ascend to Met Station at 3,0550m.

Day 3: The trail leads on the Mackinders Camp overnight here.

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