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Kenya Tours and Safari Adventures

Kenya is a beautiful land on the East Coast of Africa that has a myriad attractions including a temperate climate sunny through most of the year, abundant wildlife, breath-taking scenery, a rich cultural heritage in diverse people and traditions, a coastal region that among its notables the islands of Mombasa and Lamu, the beach holiday destinations of Malindi, Watamu and Diani.

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Kenya Coastal Tours and Adventures

One of the most popular Kenya destinations is the coast with its unending whitesands, untouched tropical islands and unique mixtures of cultures that embrace all the five continents in diversity. Mombasa Island, Lamu Island, Malindi and Watamu Beaches and the Diani Beach are among the most asked for destinations.

Kenya Coast Giant Tusks in Mombasa


Mombasa town is Kenya’s second largest town and main port. It has a history stretching back nearly 2,000 years, during which it was colonized by the Portuguese, Arabs and the British respectively. The town is actually on a small island, and is a cosmopolitan blend of African, Arabic, Asian and European cultures. The old town of Mombasa is a fascinating and worth exploring for its maze of its narrow streets and architecture. The original inhabitants of Mombasa live in the old town and it is not worthy visiting the place–which has historical ties with Zanzibar. As a matter of fact and historically, the town of Mombasa and many other coastal towns including Kilifi, Malindi and Lamu were colonies of the Sultan of Zanzibar then and there were intermarriages and other exchange of social and economic activities.

Fort Jesus Fort Jesus

A visit to Kenya’s coast is not complete without a visit to the Fort Jesus, now a Museum to see and learn history of this Castle (Fort) which the Portuguese built and fortified to keep away their enemies around 1400AD. It is also connected to the history of slave trade in East Africa. Later on the Portuguese were driven out by the Oman Arabs who occupied this Fort and turned it to slave tunnel to the sea. You can also visit the port of Mombasa and go shopping for antiques and souvenirs along Kilindini Road now Moi Avenue.


This coastal region is about 170 kms. from Mombasa Airport with transfer time approximately 2 hours. You can get into Mombasa using any International Airline via Nairobi for your Coastal Holiday. From Nairobi you can fly Kenya Airways, Flamingo Airlines, Air Kenya or Eagle Aviation. You can also take the train or travel by road a distance of 500kms.


Historically dates back to the 9th Century, with Arab occupation from the 13th Century onwards. It has been a rich trade centre with the near East and this influence can be seen characterised in its Arabic architecture. It is now a popular Beach Resort. The 1980's brought in a lot of Italian investment with many building their summer villas here, thus the recent Italian influence in the restaurants and shops.


One of the earliest Arab settlements along the coast. Lamu has preserved its Architecture and a tempo reminiscent of the 18th Century. The ambience is maintained by the absence of motor vehicles. Donkeys and dhows are still the most common mode of transport. Skilled Lamu craftsmen create ornate doors and Arab Chest which contribute to Lamu's unique identity.

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